Tuesday, 24 January 2012

Tuk Tuk - Final reductions. Up-to 60% off.

We are Tuk Tuk...is inspired by the wonderful colours, tastes, scents and personalities of South Asia. We believe in garments that fit well, that have a strong emphasis on bespoke tailoring, and that personify our beliefs, inspirations and brand ethos.
All of our clothing and accessories are made by respectable local factories, and skilled tailors and craftsmen. We aim to produce high quality products which are bought and sold for a reasonable and fair price.
All of our products are produced from interesting, colourful, unique, and (sometimes) vintage fabrics. We try to avoid mass production where possible, and buy low quantities of fabrics to keep our styles as fresh and as individual as possible.
We understand the need to be an individual, and that is why we offer a bespoke service on our shirting - an extra option that allows you to put a more personal touch on the details that matter.

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