Sunday, 15 January 2012

XCVB Autumn/Winter Part II

XCVB's initial A/W drop featured some quite refreshing designs which were well received, out of the blue we were told about a second A/W collection dropping which we are pretty excited about. It features some clean print T's but also Crews and snap backs. Like us we are sure your getting sick and tired of seeing the same Obey snapback everywhere. It has taken away the some of the appeal of the snapback, however being a smaller brand XCVB's offering has swayed our view on snapbacks! It features a nice design but also carries a bit of exclusivity in that it won't be bought up by all the sheep that shop in Size?, not that there is anything wrong with that. It's just not our style! The entire release is appears very wearable which is good because we think clothes are meant to be worn, worn anywhere! Rather than in a myspace esk self portrait to show your 1000 followers on Tumblr, XCVB is real and down to earth making original designs that are meant to worn. We are fans of XCVB here at Deerbrains and are very much feeling this latest release, head over to their website for more info and to purchase.

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