Tuesday, 20 March 2012

Interview with photographer Dom Moore

We have recently been in frequent contact with Dom Moore after he started submitting to our Flickr group to which we decided he should definitely appear in one of our features, number #58 to be precise which you can see here. Since his initial feature as mentioned already we kept in contact and were regularly checking his work, he soon agreed to answer a few questions for us which brings us here. Enjoy!

Deerbrains Hi Dom, first off could you tell us a little bit about yourself?
Dom Moore I'm 23 living in Plymouth. Recently finished studying at Plymouth college of art, now
freelance photographer.

DB What was your first experience of photography and how did that to bring you to be the
where you are now?
DM When I was sixteen I started shooting a lot of 35mm, primarily with the lomo lc-a. I was
going through several rolls a week, buying shed loads of colour positive film from ebay and
getting it crossed processed at my local lab, I was pretty trigger happy. A few years down
the line I began a diploma in photography, I began to use digital but still had a big love for
film. I started to become a little bit more conservative about what I shot. Portrait and social
documentary seemed to be the direction my work was heading. I became very practical
based, always experimenting and taking advantage of the resources college had to offer.
To speed things up a bit, I left PCA last summer after finishing a foundation degree, now
shooting a lot of fashion, mainly streetwear and the local music scene, I also have a few
personal projects that I'm working on too

DB Can you tell us about what equipment your using?
DM Most of my work is shot on full frame dslr (Nikon D700 if you want brand and model). I do
like to shoot my personal work on 6x7 (mamiya 7ii if you want brand and model). Recently
got back into using 35mm but mostly for social occasions

DB Who is inspiring you at the moment photography wise?
DM Right now Im really into Spencer Murphy's work. I keep coming back to Iain Mckells New
Gypsies series too, he did a lecture when I was studying,really made me want to just pick
up a camera get out and shoot.

DB Do you take much inspiration outside of photography?
DM Yes! I love films. I have always found inspiration from cinematography, I'll find myself
watching a good film dissecting scenes trying to work out how they've shot it. Being
outdoors will always motivate and inspire me especially where I am in Devon with space
like Dartmoor and the coastline.

DB Looking at your work you appear to choose digital more than film to create your images,
does the digital vs film argument have an impact on your work/workflow or like many other
photographers have you been swayed over by full frame digital SLR’s offering comparable
image quality to 35mm film?
DM Like I said before most of my work is shot on full frame although I would love to shoot on
film everyday, it's cost that really sways me.

DB We noticed you have been working with Minerva Streetwear, how did that come about?
DM Minerva streetwear is run by good friends of mine here in the southwest. There fairly new
on the scene but have managed to establish themselves already as one of the leading
stockists of premium goods. I've been working with them a lot on product photography and
lookbooks, we're about to wrap up the spring summer lookbook for 2012. It's getting me a
lot of attention from a lot of brands they stock so maybe it could lead to future

DB Do you have any new projects or commissions that your working on?
DM There's a few things I'm working on and with other creatives in the southwest, also really
trying to develop my studio portfolio this year. I'm looking at continuing my series I started
at college called this is Plymouth . I found headlines and comments about stories on a
local new site and then went out and made images based on these news bites and

DM What advice would you give to photographers starting out?
DMShoot everyday, have a camera with you at all times. Admittedly I was a pretty awful
student with poor attendance and thin workbooks but I was always making photos or
thinking about making photos.

DB Is there any photographers or creatives you think we should look out for?
DM Lots! There are so many people in the southwest who have remarkable creative talent. To
name a few:
Collatone - ( collatone.com)
Drew Turner - (drewturner.co.uk)
Josh Greet - (joshgreet.co.uk)

DB Would you like to thank anyone?
DM All that have supported me

A big thanks to Dom for sparing some time to speak to us, we hope you enjoyed it! Be sure to check out his fresh new website which went live over the weekend.



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