Friday, 16 March 2012

TUK TUK Switcheroo

We got sent some photos from the guys over at Tuk Tuk from what must have been a quiet day at the office mixing up some items they had lying around, the idea was inspired by Hana Persut's Switcheroo photo series. We think its a great idea, looks like a load of fun! 

Outfit details

Image 1: Vintage Repeat Floral Shirt / Blue Stripe Contrast Shirt.
Image 2: Red Stripe Contrast Shirt / Gravy Stripe Shirt.
Image 3: Light Blue Chambray Shirt / Hot Chocolate Shirt.
Image 4:  S/S Yachting Shirt (White) / Blue Stripe Contrast Shirt
Image 5: Dusty Red Chino / Mustard Yellow Chinos.

Photography by Richard Kelly

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

poor attempts all round.

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