Monday, 23 April 2012

Flickr Feature #71

Our Flickr Feature showcases unknown artists, photographers and illustrators that submit work to our Flickr group. We pick the 5 best submissions from the last 7 days to help the artists get exposure, it is open to anyone so feel free to submit your own work for the chance of it to be featured on the site!

William Broadhurst

We are liking the road trip vibes, it inspires us to plan a summer road trip!


Rosie Kliskey

An interesting take on a self portrait, we think a study of hands would make a great photography series


Patrice Jorques

Trees are fascinating things, they hold a wealth of knowledge and sights within their bark. 


Hollie Fernando

We're big fans of Hollies work, we're also big fans of her muse. Her work is always fantastic so be sure to check it out.


Richard Ramirez 

They are becoming quickly over used but we still love smoke pellets! 


Thats all for another week but be sure to keep submitting for next weeks feature!

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