Saturday, 21 April 2012

I love you completely part #23

Where Did U Get That Street: The street style off-shoot from Karen’s personal blog, this displays her keen eye and again reinforces the idea that some of the most interestingly dressed people live in New York.
Luxirare: Rare for a personal blog, the owner of Luxirare never fully shows us her face. But the awesome step-by-step recipes, outfit creations and accessory designs she pulls together more than make up for it. Beautifully shot and clean, this blog is along the lines of Park + Cube in terms of a clear aesthetic.
This Isn’t Happiness: One of those visual Tumblrs to love. I especially like that they always link back to the source they use, sending you on massive tangents all over the interwebs.
The Quietus: Great music features, content and DJ mixes from a bright and engaging editorial team. These guys are sharp and don’t just follow the crowd when it comes to music and culture journalism.
Letters of Note: Brilliant scans of original letters, faxes, telegrams and more from people of note in history. You’ll be sure to find some gems that’ll make you laugh and/or feel all gooey inside.

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