Saturday, 14 April 2012

Joy Orbison - Ellipsis

Joy Orbison really needs no introduction, he's one of our favourite DJ/producers purely down to the way he has shaped his own sound. Not following any mainstream current he is just producing seriously good dance tracks, his first release Hyph Mngo/Wet Look soon got all the Post-dubstep/future garage heads in a flurry. I don't think a first release could have gained a better reception, moving on he created a track which he was incredibly selective in who he allowed to play it meaning initially know one would know who produced it. That track was Ellipsis, fans have been waiting for as good as a year for a release which we discovered was confirmed late last night on Joy Orbisons Facebook page. Safe to say we are pretty excited along with all the other Joy O fans.

Joy Orbison - Ellipsis forthcoming on Hinge Finger Records, enjoy!

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