Tuesday, 1 May 2012

Flickr Feature #72

Our Flickr Feature showcases unknown artists, photographers and illustrators that submit work to our Flickr group. We pick the 5 best submissions from the last 7 days to help the artists get exposure, it is open to anyone so feel free to submit your own work for the chance of it to be featured on the site!

Barnaby Hutchins

We're into the sense of vacancy that Barnaby's shows.


Marco Barbieri

We have spent some time recently looking at colour and compositional contrast, this stood out to us as it shows characteristics of both.



Luke is constantly submitting great work to our group, we are really feeling this!


Liam Hart

We have been keeping a close eye on Liams series of images created using alternative processes, they've been great so far!


Luke Brown

People often go on about how street photography isn't the same as it was in the Time magazine era, images like this by Luke remind us that street photography is still alive when undertaken by the right photographer.


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