Monday, 11 June 2012

Holly Christian - Young Taxidermist and Designer

Since then I have returned to my hometown - the lovely seaside town of Margate, Kent where I have embarked and furthered my love and intrigue for taxidermy. In September I went on a 3-day one-on-one course and passion continued to grow. I have a growing aviary of birds under my belt now, and am in the process of renting a space at a local collaborative. 

  I have grown up in Margate my whole life, and am witnessing it changing right before my eyes, changing in a positive way - It is soon becoming a trendy, artistic, cultural hub - where people are coming from far and wide, not only to sit and eat fish and chips on the beach , but to visit the multi-million pound Turner Gallery which is perched on the cliff edge, they are coming to hunt down and rummage through vintage goodies and londoners are snapping up property like there is no tomorrow (now known locally as DFL- "Down From London"). And I am part of this change. 

 I am embarking on presenting myself and my skills right in the middle of it - I want to be caught up in the buzz and atmosphere of not only Margate being an old-fashioned seaside town, but as an artistic hotspot, which is slowly happening. I am going to be renting a space at 'Rough Trade' which is the collaborative I mentioned earlier, over the month of May when Tracy Emin is exhibiting at the Turner Gallery. This is my first big chance of people seeing and promoting my work. Margate is being regenerated. 

My Taxidermy work focuses on this idea of regeneration - I use old vintage objects and bring a new meaning and way of looking at them - which sits side-by-side to the idea that Taxidermy breathes new life into the deceased forms which I use...

For more images and information on what we think is an incredible form of art please click here. We would also like to know your own personal thoughts on Taxidermy...please leave your comments below.

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