Tuesday, 26 January 2010

Interview with Dan Mumford

Dan Mumford has been a well established illustrator and graphic artist for some time now, bringing the design world a new approach to digital art with his dark looming colours and continuous pattern throughout his work.
Dan has worked for artists such as 'Devil Wears Prada', 'Bleeding Through' and 'Gallows' and continues to climb to the top of his game.

Alongside members of the Atticus/Lowlife team Dan has recently created a new clothing brand that focuses on new artists. Each series features shirts designed by the up and coming creative talent. We are even tempted in submitting and remixing ourselves!

After these newbies are found they put two designers together to create an image based around a theme, they then take those two designs and ask the artists to remix each others designs in their own style, giving S&R 4 unique designs.

We are excited about seeing the new works and we are very happy that he's taken the time to answer some questions for us! Enjoy. XOXO

Name-Dan Mumford
Job-Freelance Illustrator
Website- www.dan-mumford.com/www.submitandremix.com
Twitter- @danmumforddraws

Welcome to DEER BRAINS, How are you today?
I am pretty knackered, its been an epic start to the year, in good and bad ways, but im getting on top of it all slowly, tax return first though. yawn.

Tell us a bit about your life, Where have you been? What have you seen? What else do you want to achieve?
My life is fairly average. I get to work with a lot of people that travel the world and play stadiums and every shithole venue in the land, and yet most of my time is spent in front of a computer in a studio. I sometimes think maybe i should have kept playing with the bands as opposed to designing for them, but i would like to get to the point where I am working on a much more international level, exhibitions all over the world, selling tees and prints everywhere. Theres a lot of scope, and I'm young enough, its just making it happen now.

People know you as this illustrator who creates epic art work for bands such as 'Gallows' and 'Set Your Goals'. How does it feel to be recognised as such an inspiration to people?

Well, I don't really see myself like that, I have a hard time recognising that fact at all, but it is really nice that people do consider me an inspiration. I think give it 5 years and i will feel more comfortable in that position, right now I feel like I'm still an ex-student trying to earn his way.

We understand that Submit&Remix is a collaboration of graphic designers, illustrators etc. with 'Keaton Henson' & 'Horsebites' on board already, Who do you have lined up next?
Now that would be giving it away! needless to say the next two series are pretty exciting, people should expect to see a lot of different things as we move forward, we are understandably working within a realm of art that is familiar to myself and the people i work with at S&R with series 1 and mostly series 2 (you will see...haha), but we also want to explore all types of art, mediums etc..if it all works out there's some pretty awesome ideas we have for S&R.

Can people apply to submit a tee?
Yes, the best thing to do is contact me at Dan@submitandremix.com with a link to their portfolios, as I said we do have a lot of our artists sorted out for the coming series, but at the same time we are always on the look out for new artists!

Do you plan on expanding Submit&Remix to maybe totes? pins? or say, hooded sweatshirts? (We want a pin if
you do!)

Actually yes we are planning things along those lines, Tote bags maybe sooner rather than later, saw some real nice prototypes in the S&R office the other day that made the possibility of S&R totes much more likely. We just need to find the right time to introduce that though.


What made you want to create? Have you always had an artistic head on you?
Yeah pretty much, i don't know why. Probably something to do with my dads innate childishness and my mums love of art, neither of them were quite like me, but my dad is an architect..so drawing was always in the family. I just loved comics and cartoons as a kid, so its a pretty natural evolution for me.

What do you enjoy doing when you're not creating?
Relaxing mainly, spending time with friends/girlfriend, having some me time...haha. I don't have a lot of time for hobbies at the moment, I hope to one day be able to get back into making music a lot more than I do now, its something I regret quite a bit, it was a huge part of my life up until I went to university. So hopefully I can get that back.

Does you hand ever hurt from drawing so much?
Yes, but more my eyes from looking at the screen too much. I'm sure its slowly killing me.

On Average how does it take you to think up and create a design?
There is no answer to this question, it can be minutes/hours/days/months..it completely depends on my mood, the job itself and just life in general. If I need to come up with something quickly though I can, I just like to take my time when I can, put some thought into it.

Are you still carrying on with your freelance work?
Most definitely, S&R is run by three guys, so the workload isn't as huge as running a company on your own, I just manage the creative side of things, my money still comes from freelancing at the moment.

Where do you want to go next with your talent?

Personal work, narrative based stories, I would love to create a comic/graphic novel at some point, or at least finally create an epic series of prints, I have been promising myself and people I would do that for the last two years. Soon I will finally manage it.


What's your inspiration?
Everything and anyone. I have no main source of inspiration, I suppose the news and daily events generally spark off ideas in my head.

Which websites do you visit regularly?
I think that probably tells you enough about me right there...

Where is your favourite place to be?
In bed/New York.

We appreciate how busy you are and would like to say a massive Thank You! XOXO Any thing else to say? Any advice for designers?
Keep at it, be original. Thanks!

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For all the latest news and information you can go to their site here.


Frankie said...

I know Dan! He is good. Great interview x

Anonymous said...

I love Dan Mumford.

Sean H said...

Great Interview with a great guy....artwork is still as strong as ever!

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