Saturday, 4 December 2010

Dunderdon at Street Casuals

I was first introduced to Dunderdon in a snow covered Berlin in late January 2008. Very fitting for a Scandinavian workwear brand. It was the beginning of the plaid trend and Dunderdon had nailed it. The shirt I wanted had sold out of my size so when I got back to the UK I went about trying to find it online. No such luck, anywhere, not even on their site. Instead of being an annoyance this further endeared me to the brand. Under-exposed distribution is a delight to find in these days of homogeneous retail structures.

Dunderdon was born in the Swedish port town of Gothenburg in 1997, Dunderdon is Sweden’s most innovative workwear company. Founded by carpenter Per-Ivan Hagberg, the mission at Dunderdon has always been to create clothing for craftsmen who appreciate superior construction and smart design.

From the beginning, whether conceived for a blue-collar professional or a no-collar creative, every article of clothing has been created with a purpose and has seamlessly integrated both form and function.

Today, Dunderdon distributes its wide line of products worldwide and fabricates a full range of pants, outerwear, knits, shirts, and accessories. Every Dunderdon product is tailored to the demands of modern work and incorporates the interconnected concepts of utility, fashion, and style. Dunderdon clothing inspires and enables regardless of demographics. The company continues to produce workwear not bound by trade or environment.

Ultimately, each Dunderdon product must match up with Per-Ivan’s overarching design philosophy: “Honest, simple designs are timeless. Our products should represent the highest craftsmanship and innovation, while never compromising on fit and style. We respect the past, but we don’t rely on it.”

You can find Dunderdon at now. They are offering FREE Shipping until 24th December (order before 12pm on the 21st for delivery before Christmas) Follow them on twitter here and facebook


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