Saturday, 4 December 2010

Deer Brains Christmas Wish List Part 1

With only three weekends till Christmas (we know can you believe it!) we thought it would be a nice idea to format a little post dedicated to some of the best products that we REALLY want.

LouLou Loves You
Absolutely perfect for any knicker lover, lingerie babe or cute girly girl looking for the perfect headband.
This brand has featured our pal Skye modelling the playsuits, headbands and sleepwear perfectly.

Lavina Necklace - £55

Knickers - £45

Ceilia Headband - £38


This brand is fantastic, with all the male brands we talk about this is our favourite. These elite items were designed and created in London. Using the finest materials. Their commercial even features the model of the moment Daisy Lowe. There is nothing about this brand that we don't like and we want it ALL.

Key Pattern Pullover - £128

Placket Grey Shirt - £95

Brown Wax Mac - £280

Elizabeth Lau
Elizabeth Lau embodies the style, spirit and the diversity of London in her unique approach to fashion. The brand is based on Elizabeth's personality and her outlook on life and love. We absolutely love all of Elizabeth's items and are very lucky to own a piece already (a black polka dot number) this brand is girly, fun, whimsical and above all us cute! Four things we just LOVE.

Black and Cream Dress - £175

Gertrude Black Coat - £240

Lottie Cream and Black Cardigan - £168

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