Thursday, 9 December 2010

Winter Warmers #1

So the other day I was walking around in the freezing cold in a hoody and a T-shirt and soon froze, I came to think about how guys are rubbish at preparing for the weather outside. It's an all too common site to see some poor bloke get out of his car and freeze while he wanders around the great outdoors, Deerbrains is here to help with this ever so common issue! We will now be running a weekly feature through the winter that highlights clothing fit for purpose in the brisk winter weather, we are even giving you the link to save the legwork!

Here goes!

Penfield Rockford Jacket

Penfield has been creating fresh workwear for some time now, the Rockford is a classic example of what Penfield do best! It is sure to keep you warm and dry in the arctic December temperatures that Britain has been experiencing, not just that it looks fresh with the plaid detailing on the shoulders!

It is available from URBAN INDUSTRY

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