Friday, 24 December 2010

Winter Warmers #3

Here is the third instalment of winter warmers and it is another one for the guys who don't like to dress up for the cold. There is nothing worse than having ears so cold they feel like the are going to drop off and a cold breeze running down your neck so here are some stylish ways to avoid such problems.

Here is the Ruger beanie from Obey, its subtle colour and minimalist look make it the ideal everyday to keep that head warm.

Available from Flatspot for £25.

Keeping it simple here is the Cold Scarf from the guys over at Norse Projects. It's nice and simple aesthetic means it is very versatile and wearable everyday.

Available from Norse for €41

Thats it for now but keep checking for some ladies accessories in the next winter warmers.

Oh and happy christmas!

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