Tuesday, 8 February 2011

Flickr Feature #12

Its Monday night which means its time for the Deerbrains flickr feature again, number 12 this time which means we have been going for 12 weeks! Big thanks to everyone that has joined the group and been busy submitting, we have had some much great work.

First up!

Bodi Bold

From Iceland but currently living in Canada according to flickr, we love this homage to Bowie! Their make up artist clearly knows her stuff as we can see here, this almost identical to the original Aladdin sane cover. We like the team work that has gone into this photo.

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Danny Lamper

This is really dark, the use of a face mask really adds to the photos. It's as if it is some kind of demon coming out from the darkness of a nightmare.

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Rebecca French

We are loving this illustration of Edgeware road! It makes us feel like we are looking into some kind of alternate universe, that or a Peter Bjorn, John video!

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Emma Block

Emma has turned the Pipettes into a stunning illustration, we love the attention to detail she has put it. The fact that you can actually see a set of turntables and mixer really does it, it shows real natural flare! This illustration was actually created for Amelia's Magazine, clearly we are not the only ones that like it!

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Keiron Levine

This week we have feature two quite dark photos, we like the mysteriousness around Keiron's photo. similarly to Dannys the figure looks like something out of a dream.

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Thats it for this week but we will see you next week for number 13, dont forget to keep submitting images to our flickr group HERE!

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