Monday, 7 February 2011

VICE Teenage Riots

So as we are sure all of you know there have been some rather heated protests about the rise in university tuition fees and education cuts like EMA. We have all heard about the police taking rather forceful action and keeping protesters against their will with their kettling techniques, protesters were beaten as they tried to break out from the police blockades. Our friends over at VICE were at the protests reporting from the front line and have made a documentary about it, not like some news report that sits comfortably behind a police cordon. Teenage Riots depicts what really went on during the protests and the situation that was forced upon the primarily peaceful protesters, highlights the black block and even looks into the gangs that used the protests as opportunities to make some petty cash.

VICE are showing Teenage Riot at uni's across the country and are showing it at Sussex uni Brighton this Wednesday (9th) at the East Slope Bar at 7pm. It will be well worth watching especially if you didn't attend the protests, whats more it is free!

Check out Rule Britannia episode one on VBS and the preview of what they are showing on Wednesday. It is a VICE event so its bound to be worth going too!

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