Monday, 14 February 2011

Flickr Feature #13

Vincent Coffre
We love how the head is place bang smack in the middle of the antlers makes it look freaky but brilliant. Also, the Deer antler notion is a winner for us.

Ewan Jamieson
Ahhh, So in love with this picture. So many things to look at but so calming, gorgeous lines and just amazing. We are big fans of landscape photography here at Deer Brains and this would totally totally go up on our living room frame. Beautiful.

Brad Bird
Super high end fashion picture we love the movement of the hair and the bracelet. Brilliant Mr.Bird.

Avril Kelly
Cute as hell, we love illustrations that have that kitsch feel. Sums up girls and shopping pretty well dontcha think?

Emily - Isa Baker
LOVE this so much. Looks like a younger version of my father, gorgeous setting with the branches behind. Love that it's black and white. Love the closeness of the picture. Gorgeous.

Thank you to everyone who enters every week. We get so much inspiration from you. So many fab stuff being submitted that it's hard to choose just 5 every week. To submit your work please click here.

1 comment:

material_soul said...

Love Brad Bird's picture! Wow! Your Flickr features always inspire me to get a decent camera and give it a go myself.

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