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ACOFI Book Launch – Friday 28/1/2010

Of all the places to hold a book launch, the steel gated basement of a fashion store seems like an obscure choice, but this wasn’t just any book, nor was it any ordinary store.

Known for its arts and fashion coverage, as well as excellent design, Amelia’s Magazine became a must have for the visually minded. Since moving from print to online in 2009 the magazine carries on providing great content, albeit without that special, tangible quality.

Fortunately for those with a love for print, the magazine’s creator Amelia Gregory recently released her second book, ‘Amelia’s Compendium of Fashion Illustration’.
Providing a mixture of the best fashion illustrations from Amelia’s Magazine and the work of up and coming ethical fashion illustrators such as June Chanpoomidole, Amy Martino and Erica Sharp, the book showcases a vast range of creative talent. It also features exclusive interviews with the illustrators involved, and various ethical designers including Tara Starlet, Fifi Bijoux and Hetty Rose.  The venue, 123 boasts the same credentials, providing ethical, sustainable fashion from their Brick Lane store.

After making my way down the narrow staircase and into the concert space it was clear that the party was already in full swing with folk-pop sensations 6 Day Riot providing the music and a free bar constantly dispensing drinks including Adnams’ carbon neutral East Green ale and Australia’s organic Vodka O.

As the drinks kept flowing the band left the stage and DJ pair The Pipettes took to the decks providing a mix of danceable classics and current favourites to keep the guests, and the bar staff on the dancefloor, before guest DJ and Mystery Jets member William Rees made sure the party kept going.

Meanwhile the lower basement, where copies of the book were being sold, established itself as the area to relax in, providing a great opportunity for illustrators and bloggers to network.

With morning approaching and livers straining under the influence of free alcohol the night wound to a close, with Amelia cementing herself not only as the queen of independent fashion, but also as the host of the best Friday night in Shoreditch for quite some time.

Amelia Gregory

Posters of the book

The Crowd

The Pipettes

6 Day Riot

Guest writer: Rob Barker

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Laura Mullins said...

cool! i love amelia's magazine. that's so neat that you were able to go to the launch party for that book! sounds and looks like a lot of fun (:

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