Thursday, 28 April 2011

Camden Crawl: The Wrigley’s 5 ‘The Nightjar’ hits Camden Crawl this year

Ever wondered what it would be like to be stranded in total darkness and relying solely on the sounds around you to get out alive? Well, this is exactly the challenge that Wrigley’s 5 will be setting over May Bank Holiday weekend.
Crawling, feeling and listening your way through a dying spacecraft, this will be the real-life version of the newly launched App from Wrigley’s 5, The Nightjar, featuring Benedict Cumberbatch.
Bringing to life a true sensory experience, guests of Camden Crawl will be asked to enter the Nightjar and make their way through the pitch black maze with a few surprises on the way.
So, if you are feeling brave enough then make sure you join us at The Roundhouse, but be warned as you may not be the only one in there. Scared yet?

Looks so much fun doesn't it? We cannot wait to experience it. Let us know if you'll be there as we will experiencing this and would love to experience it with you...fear not though Deer Brainers we will be doing a post night fright review! x

Tickets are available here.

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