Friday, 6 May 2011

Interview with Eliza Rose Moore

Name: Eliza Rose Moore
Age: 19
Job: a regular assistant to many things and a full time student.
Twitter: i do not tweet haha.

Tell us a bit about your life. Where have you been? What have you seen? What else do you want to achieve?
I grew up in kent, on a horrid island and moved away when I started uni. I rarley go back there, sometimes I go just to take photos, or look out for shoot locations. It's got an isloated, earie, lost atmosphere. I spend alot of time flitting between places, my flat, my boyfriend's, my friend's and my sister's. I dont like being in the same place for too long but I'm not a 'by myself' kind of peson. I want to share experiences with someone. I havent travelled as much as I would like, but there is always time and I plan to do alot more of it. I've been to NYC and it was like being on a film set for the whole time, so sureal and exciting. 

How was it working with Louie Banks?I remember my first day with him, and I didn't know what to expect. I remember shaking his hand, and had 'be professional, be professional' swirling around my silly head. It turned out to be the most informal day ever! but it really worked, and it always does. Louie knocks out great photographs so confidently and at the speed of light, as he knows looking and working with the same thing for too long gets boring for everyone. He is a charatcter, and we always have fun. 

We understand that you've worked for FRONT and Super Super magazine? How did you get into that?
Louie invited me along to help him with equipment and lighting for the shoots he was doing with the both of them. Front was a fun day. The concepts for the shoots were awsome, so many props, wigs and lack of clothes haha would really like to do more with them.

You've just finished making Alt Magazine, can you tell us a little bit more about that?
Its the first magazine for young girls who arent interested in the obvious since the likes of Sassy. Fuck the mainstream, its for the rebellious girls who draw all over their excerise books and sneak into the back door of gigs. Keeping fashion, style, photography, lifestlye and culture as the key features. So far we are online, and are kind of doing a trial. We really want to get it out there, and get out a next issue.

Your style of photographs are very and fashion orientated, would you go into other areas of photography?
I love documentation, and do try bring that into my work if not concentrate soley on doing just documentation. I tend not to publish them, only because I dont really think any body wants to see them, maybe I will. Photogrpahers like Martin Parr are really big inspirations, as well as more fashion documentations artists like Chris Little. As obvious and as cliche as it sounds, I love to capture a moment. I keep a disposible on me all the time. 

Where would you like to go with your work?
I want to collaborate, and have exhibitions, and eventualy have a camera that i dream about.

Any advice for budding photographers? 
Work with all types of cameras, from digital, to polaroid, to meduim format cameras, to underwate disposables. Just keep experimenting and try never just to stay in your comfort zone of one type of meduim. You find out a lot more, and discover your own personal style that way. 

Top 5 places:
Margate in Kent, its like the Detroit of the English seaside, great for photographs.
Hackney in London, as a kid spent all my time there with my family, its a eye opener.
New York, my big sister took me there and we ate chillie dogs. It was magical.
Tadley in Hampshire, its where I spend alot of my time doing nothing but straight up chilling. 
California, I haven't been, but I need to go.

Top 5 blogs.
I dont really have a top five. I read blogs, but then I read whatever it is im googling, I stumble on some lovely blogs that are cool, but will not remember their name, and probably wont visit again. Ultimatly Sofi Donuts, it has a bit of everything and it keeps me up to date haha!

What fashion statement do you love/hate?
not sure that this is a statement, but i love all the colour and fun all the trends have at the moment, its bloody fantastic! Its also allowing me to go through the same phase I had when i was 15 where i am dying my hair all different colours, just before I get too old where you cant pull it off anymore. 

What/who inspires you? 
Younger people. (well younger people then me, if not enfants haha) One of my little neices Iris, she is so cool. The world through a childs eyes is so cute, inocdent and wonderful.

What's next for Eliza Moore?
Well I have one year left of uni, I want to carry on photographing and let it be my main muse for as long as I can. I want to move to the states and grow my hair long. 

Thank you! Anything else you'd like to say?
No thank you, erm I guess thanks for reading if thats what you have indeed just done ;)

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