Sunday, 8 May 2011

Simon Amstell

We recently checked out Simon Amstell trying out new material at the Invisible Dot in Camden, it was a fairly small gig with the Invisible Dot being an incredibly Intimate Venue. His new material was much more mature and refined than his usual stand up but it still stays true to his classic tongue in cheek upfront style, he managed to included surrounding distractions from late comers and outside noise making them no longer distracting and quite humorous. It showed how sharp and on the ball Simon is, something that most fans will be used to from his 'Never mind the Buzzcocks' days! His set lasted an hour which went far to quickly much to our disappointment as we could have happily listened for longer even though it wasn't a proper stand up as such as he was trying out new material. His set was followed by a Q&A which was quite interesting and made it clear that he was very well received by the audience! Be sure to look out for future tours from Simon as his new material is well worth checking out as it shows a different side to him that will appeal to fans old and new!

Photos by Chris Lanaway

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