Monday, 9 May 2011

Keep It On The DL: May

We headed back to the Old Blue for another instalment of live music and japes from Keep It On The DL. This month we got to revel in the greatness of music from Birmingham-based band The Bombergs (above), and the ukelele-tinged sweetness of Family.

The Bombergs play bouncy, electrifying rock with a playful and poppy edge to it. There's Talking Heads wildness written all over this, but they've really got the energy on stage to pull it off. On top of that, singer James Rea was a total sweetheart.
The Bombergs' James Rea
Next up we enjoyed the lo-fi (or rather, self-proclaimed 'ho-fi') of the quirky boys from Family. Their long-hair-falling-over-eyes look worked really well with the reverb-heavy songs they shared. They also threw beautiful glitter bombs all over the Old Blue's top floor. Anyone who left without a few flecks clearly wasn't dancing about in the front enough.
Overall, it was another great night from the crew at Keep It On The DL. The music had that perfect balance of variety, danceability and the energy to set us up for a great Friday night. We'll see you at the June edition, guys.
Keep up with all things On The DL via their Facebook profile and Twitter page. Big shout to organiser Steve (above) for putting together another awesome night.

all images © Tshepo Mokoena for DEERBRAINS

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