Tuesday, 15 November 2011

Jewel Heritage

Jewel Heritage was founded by two sisters, one trained in the art of Fashion the other in the illustrious world of Illustration, who joined forces to create unusual, obscure and more than often, dark and sinister pieces of jewellery.

Prices start at £22.
We are big fans, are you?


Anonymous said...

I have bought products from this brand and received very poor service. First they never had stock after making a payment online to them and had to wait weeks for them to say its available again. Then delivery took so long...to put a long story short once i had received my chain and ring my ring had already started pre corroding and was a tarnished greeny black colour and the chain broke along with the pendant.For the quality the price is not right as their are many other companies that do very similar jewellery at a lot cheaper price with better quality the design is not original as it seems very much to be a replica of this designer i've seen out here in New York (PAMELA LOVE NYC) which the quality and weight is amazing may cost more but you get what you pay for lasting quality high fashion jewelery not cheap imitation with a cocky high price tag.

I urge customers be aware. i rate this company * 1 star for bad service and the rudeness of the staff and quality of service and product.

p.s. they do not replace faulty manufacturing faulty products and blame you for the problem. not good :-( its a shame i had i hopes for this to be a good new label not a con artist gettin stuff made in china.

Anonymous said...


If you believe you have received bas service from us, we always welcome feedback and would have dealt with the issue had you sent us an email. Offered you a refund or we would have replaced the items.

We have had customers do this in the past and we have been praised for how we have handelled the few issues we have had.

We hope to hear from you soon.

Many thanks

Jewel Heritage

Anonymous said...

Im am a regualr customer of Jewel Heritage and I can say I have never had any problems with any of my amazing pieces of jewellery or the customer service.Clearly this 'Customer' should have complained directly to JH if product was so poor and 'over-priced' Also to quote Pamela Love's designs as being original is very ignorant and JH's designs were released before her's.FYI!
I have had people ask me in NYC and L.A about my jewellery and I am always happy to recommend JH for quality,originalty and fantastic service.
KEEP UP THE AMAZING DESIGNS AND SERVICE. Some people just like to moan and sadly overly negative.
Ps: I really dont think Jewel Heritage will be bothered with your '1*' rating. Goodluck!

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