Tuesday, 15 November 2011

Flickr Feature #51

Our Flickr Feature showcases unknown artists, photographers and illustrators that submit work to our Flickr group. Every monday we pick the 5 best submissions from the last 7 days to help the artists get exposure, it is open to anyone so feel free to submit your own work for the chance of it to be featured on the site!

David Swailes

I dont think this would be achievable again which is why this is brilliant!


We love the detail of the beard, these are really simple but brilliant!

Jillian Camille

This is really Primeval, we aren't sure if its a multiple exposure of there is some dev burn but it has added so much to this image. It works brilliantly in giving the image a pre-historic aesthetic. 

Falco Verholen

We aren't sure how this was created but we love the contrast of the shapes against the dark background, the subtleness of the people in the image is nice too.

Joeseph John

We really like how Joe has taken the emphasis away from the person by leaving him blurred, this is un-natural for us as humans looking at another human. We expect the person to be sharp and in focus, here there is a sense of anonymity as his face isn't recognisable. 


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