Tuesday, 31 January 2012

Barbie as Art

Remember the days when Barbie ruled your world? She made everything just that little bit more pink and sparkly...well now she has made the art world just that little bit more fabulous thanks to artist Jocelyne Grivaud.

To celebrate the doll's 50th anniversary, Jocelyne took her favourite childhood doll as her muse, and transformed her into artistic icon. From the Statue of Liberty, to Mona Lisa, to a Warhol icon, the images salute the work of the great artists and childhood joy!

Jocelyne said of her work on her website: "Here’s my personal contribution as a birthday present to my mascot, Barbie, superimposed on the vision of artists whose work I greatly appreciate.
Let me thank them all for creating such intense pictures. Many thanks to Ruth Handler for creating this dolly model that enraptured me throughout my childhood."

A definite favourite of ours is the Barbie Beatles poster. It just fills you with that childhood reminder of the Barbie fantasy - rainbows, hearts and all things pink.

Inspired by Milton Glaser's poster of Bob Dylan

Inspired by Man Ray
But Jocelyne also takes Barbie down a different, more serious route, making her into a model of fine art. It's so different yet it truly works.

She comments on her Barbie version of the Statue Of Liberty - "The idea of Barbie enlightening the world. It was a charming idea." As we all know, she did, for many of us girls in youth.

Long live Barbie we say!

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