Tuesday, 17 January 2012

Full Circle Autumn/Winter 2012 Launch

Do your clothes tell a story? At Deer Brains, we're pretty sure our's do, so when we were invited to Full Circle's Autumn/Winter 2012 launch we were drawn to the idea of their latest line as a 'storybook of style'.
The evening even came complete with a storyteller, who introduced the clothing to us, in a flurry of descriptive words. She weaved in and out of the mannequins, while explaining a story about a girl, in reference to the flowing garments and print-designs around her. Definitely unusual, but so were the designs.

Us Deer Brainers, were most taken in by Full Circle's stark use of colour and their passion for prints. The capes and coats were definite eyecatchers thanks to the use of bold red, green and blue fabrics. And the prints were inspired by everything from the architecture of religious temples to feminine floral motifs.

Another notable addition to the line was the use of striking slits in long, flowing skirts and the use of layering. Teaming feminine, chiffon-like fabrics with heavy-knit jumpers made the outfits look feminine but still cosy.

Check out Full Circle for more information and look out for these designs in stores later in the year.

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