Tuesday, 6 March 2012

Currently Listening to: Anneka - Indigo Run

This is Anneka, a Brighton-based singer and recent obsession for our ears. Her voice has already been lent out to guest drops on tracks by the likes of Starkey and Ital Tek but now she's showing the world that she can stand on her own feet too.

Her solo material is ethereal, rich, beautifully textured and overall rhythm-oriented. One false move and it could all fall to pieces, with delicate electric drum patterns layered atop each other, her own vocal samples chimed in on a synth and her live voice breathed over the top of it all.

This video comes from a recent recording taken at Brighton's Electric Studios (one of the city's great rehearsal and recording spaces, where you can always hear a huge variety of tunes wafting out of doors left slightly ajar) and really showcases her multi-tasking talent and vocal skill.

Ok, we're going to stop gushing now. See more from her on Facebook, Twitter and Soundcloud.

photo by Meg Sharp

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