Monday, 5 March 2012

Flickr Feature #65

Our Flickr Feature showcases unknown artists, photographers and illustrators that submit work to our Flickr group. We pick the 5 best submissions from the last 7 days to help the artists get exposure, it is open to anyone so feel free to submit your own work for the chance of it to be featured on the site!

Alex Porter

This image makes us think Passive aggressive.


Gabriella Rush

The light flare in the top image does it for us, it adds some colour contrast to the snow. A happy accident.


Billy Allpress

Is this Jerusalem or somewhere? Not sure if this is correct but tis could signify compassion between two religions, very strong if it is!


Elizabeth Mahoney

More snow we know but the tints of colour in this image.


Milo Belgrove

The soft background of this photo by Milo really caught our attention, the softness of the bokeh alongside the texture of the film grain is outstanding. A fine example of why every photographer should experience MF film(not including Lomo's).

Thats it for another week but be sure to keep adding your photos and share the group with your friends. A quick note to consider when submitting images to flickr groups where your work has the potential to be featured it is a good idea to get any models to sign a release form or just be 100% sure they don't have a problem with their face being shared on the web. We had a issue this week where a subject of a photo hadn't given their full consent so please bear this in mind!

1 comment:

Unknown said...

Oh, those are beautiful photos!
I especially love the first.

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