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Interview with Skye V K-B

Skye has is on the verge of world wide success after working with the likes of Emilie Muller, Ford campaigns and more recently Jasper Garvida Skye is rapidly getting herself known in the modelling world. The Skye is defiantly not the limit for this talented and flawless lady.

Name: Skye V K-B
Job: Model
Twitter: GlassSkye

Hello Lovely, Welcome to DEER BRAINS How are you today?
Hello DB! Very well thank you - A bit tired, but apart from that very well :)

How old were you when you first started modelling?
I guess at about 17.

How did it all begin?
Someone said I should be a model so I sent some natural photo's to agencies!!

Were you spotted by an agency or did you go to auditions?
I was scouted in Italy and London, but I have also had my fair share of Agency 'walk-in' sessions which are a bit like auditions I guess..

You've worked on projects such as 'Ford' and 'Swell Vintage' Whats been you favourite one to shoot?
Ah! That's a really tricky question!! I am quite lucky in that I always seem to have really wonderful shoots! Hmmm ...Well, I've just done an amazing shoot for the Jasper Garvida look-book and campaign which was super fun and had an amazing team.. But if I had to chose, I think the most fun on set would have to be with the SupremeBeing guys.. They are just such an amazing group of people and every day with them was like hanging out with a group of best friends.. I was really sad when we finished shooting!!

Had any makeup/fashion dramas?
what on set or in real life? ha, I guess shooting is tough for me becuase I am so pale..sometimes the foundation colour is so off it makes me look awful.. But in real life i'm pretty safe ;) I tend to not wear any makeup when i'm not shooting - my skin needs to breath!! I've had a shoe fall off on runway (smile and carry on walking!) But nothing life altering :)

Tell us about your studies?
One word; Hell.

What do you want to be when you grow up (in case it's not a model)?
A curator of contemporary illustration and design and/or a gallery owner.

What would you show in your gallery?
Ohhhhh, well, I suppose contemporary illustration and some aspects of fine art, i'm more interested in the 'dark arts' side of things...I come from a punk background so my mind-set is basically bringing good art, and unheard talent to the foreground, there is an amazing scene in the US that is just not seen in the UK, it would be my dream to connect the two and get some of the designers I adore to show work here

Will you always continue with modelling?
I think I will continue to model for as long as people keep booking me! It's not a very long career and i'm not jaded into thinking that this is it forever, but i'm a hard worker and I love my job so who knows, i'd love to be modelling at 45 :)

What do you think of such models like Twiggy, Janice Dickinson etc. That have continued to Model at a later stage in their life?

I think it's amazing!! I hate that the industry has an issue with age - these women are professionals and look incredible!! It's ridiculous to think that women stop looking at advertisements over the age of 25, sometimes people want to see real women, not 14 year old girls.

And what do you think about the younger models of today, Daisy Lowe, Pixie Geldof and alike?
I think they are great! I love Daisy Lowe, I think she's a total babe.

Supremebeing Campaign 2010

By Emilie Muller.

By Nick Goold.

Alot of people say that modelling is easy 'All you need to do is stand and pose'...What are your thoughts on people who think that?
Ah, it's a tough one... I think compared to a lot of jobs out there being a model does not really line up with the 'difficult / tough' jobs.. I'm not saving lives or putting mine at risk.. However, to say that it is easy is a total misconception of what it is we do! For a lot of girls, the fame and money that we see in the magazines will not even remotley touch their lives.. Models spend most of their time getting lost in foreign towns (or even in their home towns..ha) going to hundreds of castings of which maybe one or two jobs MIGHT come out of it, shooting long hours with often no breaks.. And modeling is not just about posing!! If that was the case my word it would be the easiest industry to succeed in!! Getting in front of a camera and knowing what the client / photographer / hair and makeup / stylist want (which might i add is all different) and then pulling it all together to create a perfect image... Not as easy as it sounds.. The modeling industry is full of a lot of rejection, heartache, and sore feet, it's exhausting both emotionally and physically and it really has to be something you want to do, because if you don't then you're never going to make it... But i'm not complaining, I chose to do this and i am strong enough to chose to leave it if I wanted, but like most things in life, nothing is easy and you have to work hard.

What was the first thing you bought from your first modelling pay cheque?
Louis Vuitton bag!

Do you still own it?
Nope! I just recently sold it!

Eyola Campain 2010

How do you maintain your dewy skin and figure?
I wish I had dewy skin!! - my skin suffers from the long hours of shooting with heavy makeup so I find that having a set simple skin care regime is the best! Over the years I have learnt that harsh products are generally not the way to go! cleanse, moisturize, exfoliate about 3 times a week and that should stop your skin from having a product overload!! I drink a lot of water (and tea), and I take about 6 different vitamins a day!! To be honest eating healthy, exercise, and SLEEP will do wonders for your skin.. But don;t worry, even models have bad skin days :)

My figure.. I don't know..I was a vegetarian for a good 3 years and I found that this really helped me keep in shape, I don't diet at all, I just try and balance what I eat! Although I do have a severe weakness for pic and mix...Walking, swimming, not smoking or drinking is also a good factor for me..ha..

Do you get much stick about your weight?
Sadly yes, of course there is a lot of issues about the fashion industry and being 'size zero' (which i'd like to point out I am not), however there are a lot of naturally slim women and men both in the fashion industry and the public that are getting the blame for a much larger issue at hand.. I have been on the tube before where a woman has actually stopped me to comment on how I wa sto blame for young girls with anorexia!! I literally just laughed in her face, for someone to make such a comment they must be incredibly ignorant but it still hurt.. you would never have someone stopping an obese person and saying 'you're the reason why young children are suffering from heart and respiratory problems' would you? I think the glorification of the extremes is wrong, but illnesses come with a lot more issues than just thin / fat, I think this is the issue that need's to be discussed more because it's not just black and white.

Tell us about your recent shoot with Jasper Garvida?
Well, I recently shot the fall/winter look-book and campaign for Jasper Garvida which was a lot of fun, although long and tiring. We had to shoot the whole collection pretty much in a day to be edited and printed for LFW where he was showing at Vauxhall Fashion Scout.

The shoot was at a studio somewhere..I actually have no idea...Just hopped in a taxi with the team and arrived on set to tea

Who was involved in your team?
The LookBook was shot by the amazing Cameron James Wilson who is a stupidly talented young photographer!! He shot the spring/summer campaign for JG as well and I was very lucky to work with him
Cameron James Wilson

Hair was by Amber Rose

My face (makeup) by Adam Burrel and Cameron had a lovely stylist down called charlotte Jenkins and of course Jasper had his team there (although no jasper as he was casting for his runway and getting stuff done!)

What sites do you visit regulary?

and of course facebook...

Who is your biggest inspiration?
My boyfriend is pretty inspirational (vomit worthy I know) He is one of the hardest workers I have ever met, and also incredibly humble.. He makes me want to always do well which is a good thing!! My Mom and a few select friends who have stuck by me over the years..

Thank You! Anything else you would like to say?
Drink Water, Pale is beautiful, and buy T-shirts from Submit & Remix!

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