Tuesday, 7 December 2010

Interview with Cellardoor Magazine

Name: Jade Cooper-Collins and Amy Power
Age: Both 22
Job: Struggling magazine editors
Location: London
Website: cellardoormagazine.co.uk
Twitter: cellardoormag

Welcome to DEER BRAINS, How are you today?
We’re good thanks, but very cold!

Tell us a bit about your life. Where have you been? What have you seen? What else do you want to achieve?
We’re two girls who met at university who are interested in everything from fashion to music and literature. We’ve travelled a little to great places like Tokyo and New York, but we have so much more to see and places to go. We love soaking in culture and seeing style from all over the world. Ideally, we’d like to achieve global domination, but Cellardoor being a huge success would be OK for now we suppose...

Why did you decide to call your online magazine 'Cellardoor'?
We struggled to come with a name that summed us up and didn’t sound really corny. We thought back to that line in Donnie Darko where Drew Barrymore says that a famous linguist said of all the combinations of words in the English language, “cellar door” is the most beautiful. It summed us up perfectly, we’re the “cellar door” of the magazine world.

What's your main inspiration for 'Cellardoor'?
We were doing a course at university and had to create our own magazine, we had the same ideas right away that we wanted it to be beautiful, almost diary-like, and filled with everything a cultural young woman would be interested. Really, we just designed what we’d like to read.

Can anyone contribute to the magazine? If so where can people contact you?
We love nothing more than to showcase new talent in the magazine so we always encourage our readers to get in touch. We love hearing from writers, photographers, illustrators – you name it. All you need to do is send us a quick email to sendusyourlove@cellardoormagazine.co.uk with a little bit about yourself and some examples of your work.

Cellardoor is reaching its first birthday! (Congrats) How do you plan on celebrating?
Thanks! Well we have a little something in the works, but it’s in the early stages so we don’t want to say too much. Just watch this space!

What interest has Cellardoor attracted...in terms of people, celebs, bloggers, magazines?

The reaction to it has been overwhelming. Since the day we decided to continue Cellardoor and go online we’ve had nothing but amazing support and it’s just snowballed. We get interest from all kinds of people that we never thought we would and they all have such lovely things to say and can’t wait to get involved. As our budget is less than shoestring, we’re very lucky to have such great support from all of our contributors.

Do you get involved in the styling of your shoots?
We do provide some input for a few of the shoots, however we prefer to leave it up to the professionals. We work with some very talented and creative people, so if we have an idea they can help us to achieve it.

What are your top 5 favourite websites?
Oh wow, there's too many to name. We're definitely twitter addicts, and it's a great way to communicate with our readers. We're also partial to a bit of blog surfing, there's so many girls with blogs out there who are quite inspiring. We've just started a weekly feature on our own blog to share some of them with our readers too. And, of course, there’s always ASOS and eBay...

What's your inspiration?
Every day we see things that inspire us – a song, a film, watching someone walk down the street. Our readers are also a huge inspiration, our readers let us know what they want to hear about and we give them what they want.

Where is your favourite place to be?
Jade: Right now I'd have to say tucked up under a warm duvet with a cheesy film and a frothy hot chocolate.
Amy: I’d have to agree except I’d be wrapped up on the sofa in front of an open fire (cheesy Christmas card-style).

We appreciate how busy you are and would like to say a massive Thank You! XOXO Any thing else to say?
Just a thank you for letting us babble on about ourselves for this long. Oh and we just hope you all love Cellardoor like we do! We want to get into print soon, so if any of you really like it, please feel free to make a very welcome donation to the print fund on our website

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Is This Real Life? said...

ah cellardoor interview! Beyond fab! It my fave mag out there ( ok, so i may be a little biased i am a contributor to it but it is seriously awesome)! Jade and Amy are so wonderful too!

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