Sunday, 2 January 2011

HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO US - Special Giveaway x

Today marks a very special day for us Deer Brainers, yup you've guessed it we are 1 years old today.

We've had the most amazing year notching up over 65,000 hits, numerous amount of interest from well established companies, artists and celebrities and a whole barrel of fun along the way.

We would just like to say a massive thank you to everyone that's supported us and said such lovely kind words to us over the past year; Swell Vintage, St. Star Germain, Street Casuals, Fat Kid on Fire, Hellogoodbye, Dan Mumford, Dirrřtee Ldn, Georgie Jagger, Vitamin Water, Vice UK, Sofidonuts, Velvet Store, Bake Designs, Coffin on Cake PR, ALKR, DownLow Productions, The Daily Street, Death before Dishonour, Lazy Oafs, Daisy Lowe, We are Social & Don't Panic Brighton (If we've forgotten anyone don't worry we love you too).

Our most popular pages of the year are:

Tank Girl by Sofi.
Rudo Signature Cap by Chris
Interview with Julia Underwood by Deer Brains.
Tattoo Galore by Steph.
Interview with Dan Mumford by Deer Brains.

To celebrate us reaching an incredible amount of success in our first year we are doing a massive amazing giveaway that will be revealed early this week so peep our Twitter, Facebook and blog pages to find out more information. We are so excited about it and so grateful to everyone that's sent us stuff to giveaway.

I would personally also like to thank Tom, Sean, Sofi, Spasia, Chris, Chris, Matt, Richard, Tshepo and Dottie for being amazing contributors.

Here's to an amazing 2011. We really do hope everyone chases their dreams and that our blog continues to inspire you.

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