Thursday, 7 January 2010

Interview with Julia Underwood.

The reason behind us interviewing Julia is due to the fact that this girl has some balls and determination. Julia started taking pictures 2 years ago and since then she has had her work featured in Z00 magazine as well as appearing as herself and having her work in FRONT, her creations have been sprawled over the front of myspace and has conjured up some really amazing shots.
This lady is seriously going somewhere and we are so stoked to interview her.

Name: Julia Underwood
Age: 22
Job: Photographer
Twitter: /juliaunderwood

Welcome to DEER BRAINS, How are you today?
I'm OK thank you. I've been staring at photoshop all day and dreaming of sun!

You take very provocative pictures of young women, what made you photograph girls in this way?
Well, I took photography at college but didn't really think of carrying on. I became interested in the idea of men's magazines and glamour, it fascinated me and I managed to get myself a shoot in a mag. I hated it though, I was scared shitless! So I decided to try and get on the other side of the camera. I love girls, dressing them up, making them look lovely and taking photos of it! I'm fully heterosexual however.

What's the biggest success you've had with your photographs?
I've just been taken on by two agencies who are at the top of the celebrity and glamour industry, so that's all very exciting. My first publication was in Zoo a while back, and I'd love to eventually end up doing bigger mags like FHM and GQ. The photos in those magazines are so beautiful. People tend to ignore them as they are men's mags, but these photographers often work for the big fashion mags too.

What fashion statement do you love/hate?

I love the rockabilly look. black hair and eye-liner and tattoos. I love gold jewellery, I can't get enough of that. I hate the fact that everyone walks around looking like Topshop.

Do you consider yourself to be successful?
For my age and experience, yeah. I'm happy with where i'm going. I dropped out of uni and i have no money at all, but as long as i work hard and have fun i'm not too worried!

Where would you like to go with your work?

I want to carry on shooting what i want to, and not get caught up in just doing drab stuff for money. As I said, the high end men's mags would be great. In terms of fashion, I would love to shoot for Love. Or Dazed. Or Vice. I want to do it all!

What/Who inspires you?
Ellen Von Unwerth is my main lady. She's amazing, and her career has been so long and successful.
David Lachapelle - his use of colour and fantasy and character never fails to amaze me.
Zoe McConnell- is the best glamour photographer at the moment, she is so talented - I was lucky enough to be shot by her - she probably wondered why the hell I was infront of her camera haha! I definitely get inspired when I'm happy and content. But mostly looking at other images, even films, inspires me the most.

Which websites do you visit regularly?

To be honest, I don't really! I check out the Dazed Digital photography section a lot, as they do a great feature called Flickr Showcase where they feature people they found on Flickr and interview them. I usually just go on Tumblr and scroll through all the lovely pictures that people post!

Where is your favourite place to be?
I like camping. Weird I know. I don't know really. I would do anything to go back to New York!

Any thing else to say?
Yeah, don't take life too seriously. And thank you for featuring me!

You can become a fan of Julia on facebook here.


Alex said...

Awesome shots!!!!

J said...

Nice shots & Nice interview. Deer Brains coming with the goods!!

Anonymous said...

These are amazing.

Sean H said...

Awesome interview, real interesting girl. Great photo's

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