Friday, 6 July 2012

Saint Presents British Photography

As part of Saint's craft series they commandeered Soho's Lomography store with guest speakers Jamie Buchanan-Dunlop and Uslan Cevet. Jamie discusses his recent expeditions to Pakistan and Antarctica and his views on quality over quantity and speed which is often associated with digital photography nowadays. His views on photography as a craft revolved around the concept of creating an image rather than taking a picture focussing on the idea of timelessness within an image. 

Uslan is a self titled Lomographer part of the cult of photographers stripping back the rules and expectations of photography to create something new and exciting through the use of Lomo cameras. His view of the film being a persons paint and canvas encourage the average person to take up photography and get creative. 

We are all for people being creative and embracing the craft of photography, check out our Flickr Group which we use to pick images for our weekly Flickr Feature.


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