Tuesday, 5 January 2010

Beginning of my life

Sick of this, 2002.

This was when I decided I wanted to become involved with the graphic side of life. I made this piece whilst I was preparing for my GCSEs, I'm not an idiot but I just felt the mundane day to day task of adding and subtracting sums and finding out about chemical reactions blah blah blah was so boring and not enjoyable in the slightest that I just started to drift and spent most of my youth staring at this cute boy in my class and making beaded jewellery whilst listening to no doubt and creating websites...dream.

I used to muck around on paint shop pro and I created this life changing piece, popped it up on my livejournal and received good feedback from it, I started thinking 'If only I can do this for a living?' needless to say I flunked my maths with a D and got a FF in science (I was in second set?!?!) but hey! here I am doing what I love, well at least trying.

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