Saturday, 9 January 2010

Hi my name is.....

October, 2009.

Spasija and I'm caught somewhere between writer, fawn, cat, wolf and general addict. The other half in the female department of Deer Brains and pretty delighted with the title. I like to create and I really like to lucid dream so in general, I re-create those dreams you CAN control and usually, that is served up in piles of words, scribbles, dribbles and most recently, cinematography. I live in a constant, ideal amount of fear that I am not doing enough not talking enough not creating enough and usually, that pushes me to keep on moving forward. Anything I take an interest in I become addicted to and therefore inspired by and right now that would be Emir Kusturica, crows/bats, Theda Bara, doo wop groups, cave men, witches and inflatable dolls. So that's the kind of platter you can expect from my input in Deersville and to get a better picture you can peek at my writing and illustration over at and a slice of my brain at Two years till the end of the world lovers, let's make the most of it. X

Chasing breath.
& This may be the last time I watch these ghosts,
Walking through grey halls.
Dust on the air like galaxies,
& I’ve been pushing my way through degrading orbits,
Tangling my fingers in your hair,
As you lay just beneath the surface.
Eyes swollen & black,
& The only sound I can hear,
Is the cold as it creeps into the room,
Surrounding & drowning,
What remains is just magnolias blooming,
From the cracks in my skin.
As jet streams tether me to the course of constellations (across conversations),
We’ve had before.
& You don’t know how beautiful you would’ve been,
Dressed in these wounds.
The sun hangs crookedly,
On its axis of tin & wire.
& The light finds a way through my fingers,
Just like your words as they unfold,
Like an aurora.


Stephanie said...

You are amazing.
Love you.

Sean H said...

Great work, I look forward to seeing more of it.

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