Monday, 11 January 2010

I won't tell a soul

My main basis of my work is to mix digital design with drawings and clippings from magazines/vintage photographs and the like.
I love mixing all three together and creating what I feel are good images, they are very simple but that's the way I work, the back thought behind them and the memories once making them is what I cherish and I just hope everyone likes them too.

'I'm lonely baby' 2006

'Airmail/Birdmail' 2006

'You will be fine' 2007

'It's never over' 2008

Introducing digital.

'Head' 2009

'Octogirl' 2009


Sean H said...

Great work favorites have to be 'It's Never Over' & 'Octogirl'

Stephanie said...

Thank you.
I agree and I think you would agree that they have got better with time.

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