Saturday, 2 January 2010

Sugimoto - Seascapes

Negative space, what is missing is just as important. I've always loved Sugimoto's seascapes, blurring the line between sea and air, physical and etherial. What appears blank and void is actually as important and the occupied space.

I've been thinking about the negative space in our domestic lives, especially after our loss. In the last few years I've lost a few loved ones. Either though arguments, bad choices, drugs, illness, mental health or a combination of all these things. All of these have left spaces in my life that are void of physical presence but full of small reminders. This is my personal negative space.

Over coming weeks and months I am going to be pointing my camera at these spaces, exploring them, observing thing and hopefully trying to understand them. Maybe even gaining some closure.

Hopefully as well the next post will have more photos and less words.

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