Saturday, 20 February 2010

Hand Made Brighton

Hand Made Brighton contacted Deer Brains and I'm so glad they did I'm actually in hand made heaven when I look through all these cute pictures on their page.

If you know me well you will know that I love art fairs and cute things! Cute is my favourite word after all.
I remember when I was younger going camping with my family and walking around lots of little crafty stalls and buying lots of little nik naks to fill my room up with.

Unfortunetly the April fair has been cancelled but luckily for me and you they have come up with a new project of 'Craft Co-Oprative' which is a little shop dedicated to the craft minded people as well as a tea shop! Amazing! You can view more information about it here.

With so much to look at it's literally taken me about an hour and I've found so many things I want! Such adorable pieces, I think you'd agree.

You can join their facebook page here.
And also follow them on twitter for all their goodies! here

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