Tuesday, 30 March 2010

I love you completely part 1.

I felt the time was right to stop hiding all these glorious things from everyone.
Tom, Sean, Sofi and myself have all been super mega busy with our own little projects and with what we like to call 'real life' doesn't mean we don't love you or our little baby deer brains any less.

So I've decided to make sure that every week I pass on the raddest blogs, people, sites I've come across whilst I've been online.

My top 5 for this week are:

1. Gem Fatale - My pop punk friend from years back, cutest little style blog I've seen in a while with some cute tips to look even more glamorous and an all round good read!

2. WAH nails - pretty much hang out on here all day, admiring the crazy nails of some of the best celebrities and admire the stylish precision in the way these girls work peoples nails.

3. Laden - I pretty much fell in love with all the items on this site and have already bought the silver lightening bolt heart ring and will defiantly be returning to buy more on pay nice.

4. The Daily Street - Never not been a favourite of mine and has always made me want to be male! I have no idea where these three guys find all this amazing shit but I love reading all about it and dreaming that one day my boyfriend will be decked out in all the clothing they feature.

5. Nubby Twiglet - Been following this girl for YEARS was a massive inspiration for me during college with her impeccable design skills and gorgeous fashion led pieces. An almighty amazing collection of fashion, beauty, design, typography and love.

Who are your current favourite online peeps?!
Share the love.

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