Thursday, 15 April 2010

DROP DEAD - Flagship Shop Opening.

Do you or did you ever wear the spray paint effect jeans being the tightest thing imaginable? Have long black greasy emo locks to get your headbangin on? Wear brightly coloured graphic t-shirts with some picture of a teddy bear being ripped apart? YES? then I am sure you're completely familiar with the clothing line founded by Oli Skyes of metal-core band 'Bring me the Horizon' 'DROP DEAD!' for me personally, I wanted to vomit in a corner anytime I saw any scenetastic chap wearing anything to do with DROP DEAD but you have to absolutely hand it to Oli and the rest of the DROP DEAD team as they have swept the nation with these graphic led items, I remember a time where I would go to Brighton and see nothing else but kids dressed out in this popular clothing brand.

This clothing brand reeks of creativity and amazing detailed graphics.

On the 1st May there will be the first ever flagship store opening in Brick Lane, free t-shirts for the first 100 customers.

You can view more information here.

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Anonymous said...

Not much original about wolves and triangles... /hatin'

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