Sunday, 9 May 2010

How To Be A Graphic Designer Without Losing Your Soul

How to be a graphic designer, without losing your soul
By Adrian Shaughnessy
Laurence King Publishing, £17.95

This book is created to help you become effective, efficient and 'tidy' within graphic design. I found alot of this book was teaching me things that my lectuiers never really touched on, maybe that was why they wanted us to buy the books so they didn't have to go through it all? I do strongly believe that if you're passionate about design or even anything really that you can self teach yourself :)

For a more detailed review you can go here.
To buy this book you can go here.


Patrick said...

This really helped me through my mental block.
Great book!

Tom said...

It's a really useful book but don't buy it expecting loads of nice imagery, its mostly full of good information and tips.

Also I completely agree with the comment above that "if you're passionate about design or anything really that you can self teach yourself".

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