Tuesday, 25 May 2010

Interview with Slaven Lunar Kosanovic

Highly talented, Highly polite and Highly focused Lunar is a croatian artist who I have been following since my college day. Lunar creates very different images and mixes graffti up with child like characters.

Name: Slaven Lunar Kosanovic
Age: 35
Job: Artist
Website: www.lunar75.com

Why do you create your designs? Is it for personal use? company? Other?
Creating is something what is within me. There's a lot of creative energy inside and it has been that way since I was a small kid. I don't know what would happen if I wouldn't letting this go out, maybe i would explode :)
Some designs I do for myself only and later i apply them somewhere, some for clients, some for various projects and publications which I find interesting.

Where did you learn to create and display your ideas?
From many sources; People learn during whole lifetime. There are many impulses entering the head and pulsing out of it, so I could never precisely tell where did I learn certain skill.

Where do you want your work to develop?
I would like to intervene at as many surfaces as possible. I like to paint various wall surfaces, paint some furniture elements for example, then vehicles, canvases, all kinds of objects.
Also, I very much enjoy involving my characters or illustrations on products or into magazines. It's all connected with graffiti which was my first discipline. It used to be all about putting my name in the middle
of attention. Later it started be "my work" instead only the name. I very much enjoy seeing how my work enriched some object or surface.

How long does a piece take you to create?
It depends on the complexity. Past few years I don't have too much time to paint pieces on the walls for my own sake, so for average piece takes me like 3-5 hours.

How old were you when you got into design?
First time I started using Photoshop in 1994. at the age of 19. First time I was asked to take part in contest for creating a logo of anniversary of the firm where my father was working I was 14.
Made few ideas with markers and this looked very funny. Since that moment the idea of creating such things was present in my mind.

What would you suggest would be the best career path to choose for students who are interested in design?
I would tell that you should follow your heart. There is always a feeling within which leads you to do things which your soul desires. One should never feel sorry for time spent in learning something or creating
something, whether it is an illustration, logotype or a simple drawing. If you enjoy doodling on tons of papers and do not feel like you're losing your time, it's a sign there is something serious about it. I also met
some people who are aiming to become quality graff writers and at the same time telling that they could never understand people who spent a lot of time sketching on papers. It means they definitely do not belong
into creative world.

Did you go to College/Uni if so what did you study?
I studied graphic technology for couple of years. Reason I did not finish it was very bad organization of the institution. I very much care of time schedule and organization so when certain teachers kept on not being
on time, some simply not coming to their lessons, changing the terms of exams by putting them sooner than they were planned not to mention many other things, I was very pissed off when recognized that I would
have to literally live there to bring it to the end, I decided to work instead. The time is the biggest luxury in life I think, and if it is badly spent it's not the way of thinking I support. No way I'm trying to disrespecting the
institution itself but bad sectors were too hard to stand for me.

What programmes do you use to create your websites? Designs?
I do not do webdesign, only graphic. Sometimes I create the idea for the website and I give it to the websters to use it.
I work in Adobe Illustrator + Photoshop.
Used to work in Corel Draw before, inspite of all bad things I heard about it from all my colleagues :)

What inspired you to create lunar?
I was playing the game Lunar Jetman when I was a kid in primary school. At that time I didn't use spraypaint but I took that name cause I liked it a lot. Then I started using it on the wall in 1989.
Later I recognized it as a cool choice. Like Lunar means "of the moon", it's the moon who lights the way in dark nights when you go out to spray. It was like that in the very beginning, but the name
remained and I never felt sorry for it. A lot of people chose names which mean nothing, just are easy to write or easy to remember. Some people use various names too, and I guess it's loss of identity
and wasting their energy. As I'm faithful to my principles, I'm also staying at one name.

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