Friday, 21 May 2010

Photo Booth Mask

Everybody loves photobooth, for the slight fact that you can distort your face and it suddenly becomes hilarious the sad thing is that you can actually have hours of fun pulling silly faces when you are high and/or drunk.

I came across this last night and I thought it was slightly horrific but the concept of it was brilliant...I real spitting image role came into play.

Taken from here.
Art Director: Mark Pernice
Sculpture and Painting: Christian Hanson
Photography: Mark Pernice, Scott Altmann

These images are for a self promotional poster. I'm posting pictures early because I think they work on their own.

Using Apple's Photo Booth application as inspiration, the idea was to take the 2D image that it manipulated and create a tangible face in a real environment, then in turn bring it back into a 2D image. Using Photo Booth on the mask itself may create some sort of paradoxal shift where I cease to exist.

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