Tuesday, 18 May 2010

Stéphane Massa-Bidal aka Hulk4598

My favourite collage sets ever. I check it at least once a week so amazing. It was impossible for me to pick my favourites. After I've said time and time again. Collages - art mixed with design is my favourite.

It highly inspired me to create this.

Which is nowhere as near as good as his work.

Taken from

My global concept is called "Retrofuturs": mix the past, the present, the future and shake it! Before this concept has been contextualized with music (personal compilations with golden oldies, pop, electronic music etc...) with objects (lamps with retrofuturs graphics) and comics for my co-workers (it may be this which triggered the graphic concept).

I don't have training in graphics but have read extensively. It began in November 2008 during my daily time of the train. I started by collage and have evolved to a minimalist approach in information design. In this context, I work with a simple background and a helvetica new font (maybe I am influenced by that kind of graphic work). The other elements of my toolbox are repetition, dots and colors. The last two are very interesting in representing time in the poster space.

I'm a a mixer. I like to work with vintage photos and diagrams. You can work easily with them, you just have to fit them in the design you want. I've been collecting them since 2003, classifying and have become a specialist at finding almost anything on anything. I'm amazed with the power of the internet, people are creating a gigantic work of memories, it's maybe why I like to work with vintage pics. At the beginning, the concept of my old blog was just to make a collection of the different websites I have seen in the internet space.

My academic training in science has influenced my work. I always put meanings first and graphic design after. It's the reason why I always make a place for text elements. My process can be summarized as: put a code inside another one, shake it and see what happens. In this case the relationship between text and image is an interesting field to investigate.

Sometimes I make an absurd graphic, or sometimes an idea just comes into my head, and sometimes I make an activist work (against creationnists, the Monsanto firm, etc...). Graphics are a weapon to change ideas (it may be commonplace to say). The other influences regarding my work are music, news and scientific podcasts.

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