Thursday, 10 June 2010

Jean-Paul Marat

Such an interesting, inspiring troubled life.

born in 1743, Marat went on to become a political theorist and scientist. He is better known as a radical jounalist and politician from the French Revolution.
His journalism was renowned for its fiery character and uncompromising stance towards the new government, "enemies of the revolution" and basic reforms for the poorest members of society.

He was murdered in his bath tub by Charlotte Corday by an eight-inch kitchen knife, where it pierced his ribs, perforating the right lung and severing the aorta, close to the heart. The massive bleeding was fatal within seconds. Slumping backwards, Marat cried out his last words to Simonne, "À moi, ma chère amie!" ("Help me, my dear friend!") and died.

Took some snaps when I went to Madamme Tussards at the weekend.

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