Wednesday, 21 July 2010

I love you completely part 5

1. Fuck the Macro
Usually I wouldn't push blogs that are similar to us. But I really like this one as it showcases the slickets gadgets, most beautiful women and good random things that are interesting and fun to look at. You may of seen our tweets and links to articles from it on Facebook but I really strongly suggest everyone goes and checks it right now.

2. Door Sixteen
A New York lady blogging about her gorgeous homes, inspirations, cooking and pets. Such a nice detailed read to make you feel all homely and organised.

3. Fat Kid On Fire.
Absolutely packed full of interviews, music and fresh content about what I can only describe as 'youths of today' in a very good way! You'll hopefully see what I mean when you head over there.

4. The Full Nilson
Absolutely massive girl crush here. Such a refreshing change from seeing all these 'fash' skinny girls on blogs and websites ( being one!) a curvy girl talking about life, loves, woes and showcasing some lovely photography.

5. My Owl Barn
Owww! This makes my heart cry a little bit because Owls are one of my favourite things ever and this blog is full to the brim of beautiful things all art related. I literally spent 2 hours looking through all the posts and links on here earlier. Amazing!

1 comment:

My Owl Barn said...

Aw, thanks for including My Owl Barn in your feature! You are so sweet!

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