Thursday, 15 July 2010

Interview with Lady M Presents

: Rachel Montague-Ebbs
Age 28
Job Founder of LadyM Presents & Feature Writer
Twitter LadyMPresents

Hello, Welcome to DEER BRAINS How are you today?
Fabulous! Loads of fashion news has been happening this week and I'm spending the day with my brother for the first time in 9 months as he is back from New Zealand, yay!

What is 'Lady M Presents'?
A website featuring up and coming designers, photographers, beauty salons and boutiques in London and the South of England. But we are branching out to Parisian designers, New Zealand Boutiques - basically we are going global!

Fashion is the main focus for the website with such companies such as Derhy, fashion house in Paris and Sam Cross, London based handbag designer. But Vanity Fair Beauty Salon of Tunbridge Wells is one example of the site branching into other areas of key importance within the fashion arena and all are highlighted in this modern, captivating website.

LadyM is always looking for fresh, focused designers, charming boutiques, spas and salons to feature in future articles on the site.

How long has your website been online?
3 months

Whats been the best thing about 'Lady M'?
The amazing people that we get to meet when we interview up and coming designers, boutique owners and creative people. It is just so exciting to see the potential that these people have and to understand their concepts and ideas for the future. The energy is amazing and it is great to support people and give them a platform to promote their work

How did you get into writing about fashion, beauty and life?
I started a blog a year ago, after my salsa dancing partner asked me what did i do that was creative… I started a blog about my daily life but it quickly became more about fashion, what i was wearing and events I was going too.. so it developed from there. I do a lot of travelog for my main job (as a fruit importer) so i thought i'd expand the features to cover lifestyle, travel and of course fashion comes alongside beauty and accessories

What's your favourite current fashion trend?
I'm very big on the nautical/breton trend at the moment. I have a lot of day dresses for Spring/Summer that are just functional but fashionable. I can feel comfortable in the office in my navy shift dress with sailor shoulders and accessorised with gold buttons but know that i'm bang on trend too. Also i am in love with wedges for the summer and just found the most perfect pair (worn bronze) that go with everything

Your top 3 beauty products?
Liz Earle Cleanse & Polish cleansing system, drinking a lot of water, factor 15 sun tan lotion.

What is your fashion phobia?
Double denim! i know that it is bang on trend but I can't stand it. Also Velvet will be big for A/W 10 but i can't stand the feeling of it on my skin...

What is your absolute fashion must have? accessories.

I have so many of them. I never leave the house without a necklace or bracelet. An accessory can really give a wow factor to any outfit. A simple dress, or shirt and jeans can really be glammed up by amazing accessories

What is your day job?
International Fruit Importer - I source and procure berries from around the world and supply to UK supermarkets

What do you think is the worst fashion outfit you've ever seen?
Anything from the early 90's - clashing colours, layering of various materials. Basically a lot of "mess" to me. i like a well put together outfit, something that has style but still can be individual. Its got to be practical for your activity but visually appealing

And the best?
Last week i saw a girl who i descried as "fashion". She had khaki cigarette trousers, with gorgeous gold embellished sandals, a boho cape style top in this seasons nude and the most amazing hair. it was just a complete look.

What sites do you visit regulary? a noticeboard for vintage and sample sales. one of my favourite online retailers. another fab find. Twitter - im addicted! its great for social networking

Who is your biggest inspiration?
Elle Magazine - I think it is written in fabulous style. Any catwalk show is an inspiration to me… the music, the buzz, the energy and of course the outfits. It gets me feeling very creative

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