Sunday, 11 July 2010

Livejournal - Creative Findings

I've been a Livejournal user and fan for quite some time now. The posts and people on there are so creative that it makes me squeal going through all the posts. I quite like it as well because in order for people to read what you are doing they have to be friends with you (sort of like facebook but waaaay more interesting) I also just like the sheer fact that it's old school. I think I started my first one in 2000? I would fill it with absolute up to date long winded stories about this boy I fancied at school and about whether or not I thought I was 'cool' enough to date him...Kids aye!

Anyways throughout the years I've become attached to two really good creative ones.

First up is:
Hasn't been updated in a while and since then she's moved on to flickr.

The next one is:
The photography, lightning and just words on here blow my mind. So creative. Needless to say these guys are both from America, I do think they have some amazing locations and some good weather to make them go and be creative and awesome.

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