Thursday, 22 July 2010

Luke Woodford

Always been a fan of his work but this is utter brilliance.

"I'm all about pushing boundaries. Photographing subjects in public places is one way to do this although that in itself is nothing new, I wanted to put my own twist on things to make it my own. Thats where the "Iconic" comes in. I have decided to take on a new project of photographing nude subjects in a scene with iconic buildings/structures. It was only fitting I start in my capital city- London. The Millenium Bridge with St Pauls Cathedral in the distance is the first image. This is a real photo, I added tghe blur in photoshop for the effect. It was interesting to see how different people react. Some people stopped to take photos, some laughed and some, like in this photo just walked on by and pretended they didn't see anything.

This will be an ongoing project and who knows maybe one day i'll be lucky enough to do the pyramids and Great Wall Of China....who knows.....keep your eyes peeled for future Naked Iconic images, The London Eye will be up soon....

You can view the rest of his work here.

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