Thursday, 26 August 2010

Any Forty T-Shirt Competition!

If you are regular readers of the blog you will know that anything that Any Forty do is a given win.
They've really taken things up a notch for the big almighty win by forging their own t-shirt design competition.

Any designers/illustrators with mad creative flare should defiantly apply.
Here's the briefing taken from the Any Forty blog:

Basically, ever since we were nippers we’ve been fan’s of US sports in general, so Basketball, American Football, Ice Hockey etc… being fans of those sports and also being obsessed with design and illustration we couldn’t escape being obsessed with the logo’s and branding of some of those teams.

So here’s where you come in, we’re gonna give two of you lucky pups chance to cook up a illo for a tee. You can use up to 5 colours to create a logo illustration for our very own fictional sports team. That’s a complete illustration with mascot, text, the lot.

There’ll be 7 fictional teams to chose from to create branding for, 2 winning pieces will be printed up as part of a future limited edition run of only 40 Sports Pack tee’s. Complete with name of the team on the back and number 40 all those slick details (don’t worry about those, we’ll sort them nearer the time) that are on US sports jersey’s.

The final piece will need to have illustrated name and type of the team, aswell as a mascot(s).

If you’re one of the two winners you’ll get your illustration printed up on a tee and will have your name in the AnyForty hall of fame alongside all the big dogs as well as a pack of 5 screenprints from our recent Versus Exhibition and a a batch of tee’s to give to friends and fam.

Deadline is September 30th and you need to email your final entries as a illustrator ai file to

Balls in your court now, load up illustrator, get those sketch books out and wow us all!

Here’s the 7 teams you can choose from to illustrate. The name of the team should be biggest, AnyForty smaller.


Closing date for entries will be Thursday 30th September. All entries will be shown on the blog with artists name, and a select panel of AnyForty Versus collaborators will help judge the final piece with comments on the winners. You can enter as many times or do as many different teams as you want. But please remember we’re all about quality and skill over here. Take your time and impress us!

Not only is it a chance to get your work there, it's a chance to really play around and have fun with your designs. I love the theme of the 7 different teams and I'm looking forward to see what the outcome is.

For more in depth details and to ask the guys questions please go here.

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